This is a personal creative writing blog, by a young writer who wants to share her emotions through her words.

Welcome to my adventure.

Why ‘Her Ink Stains’?

The concept for this blog has come to me during a time of hopelessness. Following four months of insane homesickness, 3 break ups and a car crash, among other personal issues, it’s not surprising that I have found myself in a poor mental state. Of course there were good things too, such as getting my drivers licence, a new car… and another new car… my first job and now onto my next, no it hasn’t been all bad, but I guess, some things just hit you hard.

As someone who isn’t yet successful, it is hard to call myself this, but I can’t really deny it either; I am a writer. Writing truly sparks my passion, as someone that’s not so happy right now, I have found turning to my own work, somewhat soothing. Recently, when in a very low mental state, I thought to myself, why not write something in my blue notepad? And when I opened it… it was on a page where I wrote a poem a while back, I couldn’t even remember when I wrote it but it must’ve been after my 1st break up. It’s as if the words put stitches into my broken heart; it wasn’t all fixed, but it made it feel like things will be okay. I sent the poem to my friend and he thought it was quite a punch; it made an impact. The idea of sharing this further sprung up into my head, what if I make a blog with my written work? What if I could help at least one person feel… just a little bit better? As someone who has been struggling with mental health, I know that there are times when you feel that nothing can go right; it’s all just sh*t. And I know I can’t prevent that, but maybe, just maybe I can help in my little way.

So, this is ‘Her Ink Stains’, just a writer who wants to share her work for people to recognise themselves in and realise it can still be okay.

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